O Don Fatale | ONLI Concert, 2018
"A jewel of a contralto"
Re dell' abisso afrettati | National Sawdust, 2018
Frugola's Aria | National Sawdust, 2018
Her characterization of the murderous queen had a wonderfully manic dimension. Upon hearing the news of Orestes death, her outsized reaction—forced, hysterical laughter—provoked an unnerving ambiguity: was she rejoicing or grieving?
Patrick James Clement, Parterre
Ich habe keine gute nächte | National Sawdust, 2018
Elektra | Create Opera, 2016
Eowyn Driscoll, a jewel of a contralto, performing Wagner’s “Weiche, Wotan, Weiche” from the “Ring”... drives the text forward with a passion and love of opera that soon becomes apparent to all of us who are true music lovers. Wow! That is all I can say.
- Magdalena Harris, Memos from Magdalena
Weiche Wotan, Weiche! | National Sawdust, 2018
Lullaby | National Sawdust, 2018
La Zia Pricipessa's aria | Suor Angelica, 2018
I wish I could forget you | Personal Project, 2018
Condotta ell'era in ceppi | National Sawdust, 2018
Eowyn Driscoll thrilled us with Condotta all'era in ceppi
Magdalena Harris
Stride La Vampa | ONLI Concert, 2017
Ai nostri monti | Il trovatore, 2017
"A riveting performance as The Sorceress was delivered by Eowyn Driscoll, whose richly resonant voice filled out the text beautifully."
For "The Sorceress, in Dido & Aeneas
Meche Kroop, Voce di Meche
"Eowyn Driscoll is the vixen Carmen ... with her full depth and range of voice she allured us."
- Magdalena Harris
Carmen finale | Concert, 2018
Card Scene | ONLI Concert, 2018
Seguidilla | ONLI Concert, 2017
Hansel & Gretel | Amore Opera, 2016